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Day 2


Patient-Centric Initiatives Across The End-To-End Value Chain

London, United Kingdom

Day 2 - Friday 2nd June 2023


  • The value of engaging and communicating with the patient in every part of the clinical research process
  • Examining the right approach for patient and industry to positively impact healthcare costs and patient outcomes
    through patient engagement
  • How can patient expertise create significant value to the industry?
  • What are the best practices and strategies to guarantee that patient centricity is at the forefront of pharma
  • How knowledge can reduce the fear of Pharma and ultimately save lives.
  • What do we really know about patient safety, both as an industry and an individual and what are the challenges we
  • How can technology play a role in ensuring patient safety, compliance and pharmacovigilance?
  • How we can leverage individual and collective data to ensure proper care and Quality of life while reducing damage,
    saving time and money.
  • Incorporating robust and meaningful patient engagement for a more informed decision-making
  • Enhance understanding and use appropriate methods to capture patient understanding of the benefits and risk
  • How to best communicate patient information to support a patient-centric ecosystem
  • What are logistical and financial challenges which increasingly impact all clinical trial stakeholders
  • Tailored approaches to travel services for the patients
  • Direct-to-patient
  • Innovative reimbursement programmes
  • How to ensure patient safety and reliability
  • The importance of real-world patient data democratization
  • Common challenges in clinical data that hinders clinical trials
  • Strategies in overcoming these challenges
  • How to seamlessly integrate real-world data from a variety of sources?
  • Understanding complexities and addressing challenges faced by the industry in setting up end-to end supply chain for
    cell and gene therapies
  • Best practices and lessons learned that guarantees effective manufacturing and delivery of CGTs to the patients who
    needs them the most
  • Robust technologies and innovative platforms that connects therapies with patients both in clinical and commercial scal

14:00- 14:30, 14:35 – 15:05 – ROUND TABLE DISCUSSIONS – divided between 2 sessions of 30 mins.

(5 mins. to change table) – Attendees have 2 round table options to attend

  • Putting the patient first achieves the best experience and outcome for that person and their family
  • Improve communication from staff shift-changes in a hospital to getting the patient discharged faster
    Setting expectations soon
  • Updating goals and outcomes; timely


  • Recognising key areas to ensure patients’ experiences, perspectives, needs, and priorities are captured and meaningfully
    incorporated into drug development and evaluation.
  • Patient’s input to improve quality, relevance, safety and efficacy of drug development
  • Challenges and opportunities for patient-centric product design
  • The role of respective stakeholders and the way they interact, from the early steps of drug development to access inreal
  • Stakeholders unlocking innovations at a remarkable new speed
  • Innovative approaches for direct-to-patient assume significant importance for driving patient-centricity
  • Addressing challenges faced by individuals when accessing healthcare within both developing and developed nations
  • The importance of personalised patient care
    Increasing adoption and shifting to remote and digital care
  • Data sharing to enhance patient experience patient experience and outcomes in real-time.
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