5th Patient Centricity & Collaboration World Congress 2024 Europe

Patient empowerment and understanding to inspire and create a meaningful impact.

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Patient meets Innovation & Collaboration

Patient empowerment and understanding to inspire and create a meaningful impact.

Facilitate Live is very pleased to welcome you to our upcoming Patient Centricity and Collaboration World Congress 2024 Europe.
The two-day Congress aims to build meaningful collaborations within the industry, advocacy groups, clinicians, researchers, and most importantly, patients and their caregivers. Gain practical strategies and best practices on challenges, innovations, technologies, and concepts in achieving this goal.

The congress focuses on a “Patient empowerment and understanding to inspire and create a meaningful impact. ”.

Patient-centricity is a vital aspect in the research and development of  biopharmaceutical products, disease management, designing a treatment, clinical trial, or other health solutions. In order to create a patient-centric solution, one must truly embrace a collaborative endeavor with the patient and their caregivers. Establishing a patient-centric solution involves getting feedback from real patients and their loved ones, and making decisions based on their medical conditions, experiences, needs, perspectives, and priorities.

In the current climate where the patients are increasingly becoming more empowered, Lifesciences and Pharmaceutical companies should confront the status quo and welcome the opportunities to embrace a wide range of patient-centered perspectives presented by an emerging ecosystem. While the technology-driven world poses challenges, it also holds opportunities to build a positive patient experience by coordinating the health ecosystem to center on the patient. Reevaluating how it develops and delivers drugs to improve experiences and outcomes and also to continuously adapt and transform to meet the evolving needs of patients.

The industry has come a long way with utilizing a patient-centered approach. The concept has gone from a buzzword to a potential trend, to a perceivable goal. Whilst the industry has advanced in recent years, the evolving healthcare model and ecosystem brought forward by advances in technology and more involved, empowered patients, means true patient centricity is a continuing quest and a compelling commitment.

We look forward to meeting you at the Congress!

Sincerely yours,

Jocelyn Raguindin
Conference Director
Paradigm Global Events / Facilitate Live 



This Congress is beneficial to patients, pharmaceutical, biotech companies, researchers, physicians, patient advocacy groups, regulatory agencies, technology, and healthcare companies.

Network with Presidents, Heads/Chiefs, VPs, Directors, and Managers in the area of:

Key Industry Expert Speakers

Upcoming 2024 & Previous 2023 Industry Speakers  

Emma Sutcliffe

Global Patient Officer


Marie Eckerd

Global Patient Engagement Director R&I, BioPharmaceuticals Medical


Ana Marija Gjurovic

Global Head Patient Engagement, BioPharmaceuticals Medical


Alfred Samuels

Patient Advocate, Author, Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker

Ambassador/Member, Cancer Research UK

Begoña Nafría Escalera

Coordinator of eYPAGnet

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Hilary Nathan

Policy, Communications & Community Engagement Director


Christel Paganoni-Bruijns

Global Head Community Engagement

Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB

Laura James

Patient and Public Engagement Specialist

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Lindsay Birrell

Co- CEO, Realise Advocacy, Chair of trustees

Medics 4 Rare Diseases


Director, JG Zebra Consulting, Co-Founder and CEO

Realise Advocacy


CEO & Co-Founder Patient Advocacy Organisation


Dr. Gudula Petersen

Global Patient Engagement Lead

Grünenthal GmbH

Lydia Makaroff

Chief Executive

Fight Bladder Cancer


Patient and Community Manager,

Prostate Cancer UK


Patient Engagement Team Lead

Kings College London

Naomi Thornton

Nurse - Infoline & Migraine Support

Migraine Ireland


Director, Early Patient Voice Lead

UCB Biopharma srl



Global MPN Scientific Foundation


Postdoctoral Researcher, Dep't. of Physiology

Medical University of Graz


Founder & CEO

People with Empathy

Julie Jaye Charles CBE

Board Advisor & Lead on Advocacy & Co Production,

NELFT NHS Foundation Trust

Available Shortly

Senior Research Associate with the Patient-Centered Research

Coming Soon

Chelsea Moran

Associate Director, Patient Partnerships, Patient Centricity


Dr Karen Matthews

Business Development Manager

NIHR Clinical Research Network


VP, Patient Strategy and Engagement



Group Director, Insight


Angela King

Independent Patient Advocate


Senior Representative

Senior Vice President, International

Available shortly


Content Rich Program Agenda!  Featuring Keynote Presentations, Stream Sessions, Panel, and Round Table Discussions.

Emma Sutcliffe, Global Patient Officer, Ipsen Biopharma



  • The value of engaging and communicating with the patient in every part of the clinical research process
  • Examining the right approach for patient and industry to positively impact healthcare costs and patient outcomes through patient engagement
  • How can patient expertise create significant value to the industry?
  • What are the best practices and strategies to guarantee that patient centricity is at the forefront of pharma?


  • Empowerment, experience, evidence – the impact of the patient voice
  • Engagement delivers value as a triple win – for patients, for pharma, for society
  • Ensuring voice to value in the ‘Patient 3.0’ era

Emma Sutcliffe, Global Patient Officer, Ipsen Biopharma

  • Many biotech/pharmaceutical companies are talking about ”Patient Centricity”, but how can a company actually operate in a patient-centric way to create meaningful value?
  • Learn best practices to transition from being product centered to patient centered
  • Discuss strategies to embed patient centricity throughout your organization.

Christel Paganoni-Bruijns, Global Head Community Engagement, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB

  • Patient Centricity requires new mindsets, relationships – and structures, company-wide.
  • No stage of development, from discovery through delivery, gets a pass.
  • No company function continues as before.
  • Company culture changes, too.
  • This isn’t easy but the results are worth the journey: to improve outcomes for patients and business performance alike.
  • If Patient Centricity is a fad, then it’s a failure. It should be the new way of doing business.

Bronwyn Lewis, Global Head of Patient Engagement, Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH

  • Sharing insights into a live real-world example of this type of partnership
  • Explaining the roles and responsibilities in achieving a positive outcome
  • Providing key learnings to the evolving process
  • Supplying the audience with guiding principles for future partnerships


  • Learn about the latest technologies that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trial design, addressing issues like increasing complexity
  • Discover the principles and best practices for clinical trial design that can increase the likelihood of success, through a combination of literature analysis and practical experience
  • Examine the challenges faced by patients during clinical trials and learn about potential solutions that can reduce the burden and increase the benefits for patients
  • Understand where patient centricity can advance the interests shared by industry and the patient community
  • Consider how focused goals and programs can strengthen research and development, commercialization and access
  • Focus on opportunities to integrate patients, caregivers, consumers and advocates’ key concerns and insights into company plans and decision making
  • Discuss applications of this targeted approach to your patient centricity goals and programs



  • The international perspective on what people with type 1 diabetes want from industry, according to international region
  • The Nobel Prize winning discovery of insulin in 1921 and how that legacy defines what people living with type 1 now want from industry
  • Type 1 diabetes patient priorities for the pharmaceutical industry and medical device industry
  • The rise of citizen science and how that changes the relationship that type 1 diabetes patient advocates want to be engaged with in industry research and development
  • A framework for patient engagement

Hilary Nathan, Policy, Communications & Community Engagement Director, JDRF

  • Education of the process of clinical trials
  • Listen to the Patient needs and help them to understand what the focus of the trial is.
  • Understanding Pharmaceutical costs of trials and research
  • Dealing with an illness with multiple organ involvement.
  • Rare Disease
  • Why there is a need for Patient involvement in publications framework
  • What is the framework?
  • How did we co-create the framework with cross-functional team and patients – the methodology
  • Ongoing implementation, feedback loops early applications and expected impact

Ana Marija Gjurovic, Global Head Patient Engagement, AstraZeneca

  • Contributions that advocacy groups can make to clinical trial development
  • The importance of knowing the people, their disease, and its burdens
  • Successful collaborations are a win for all
  • Patient perception and usability of drug products is critical for efficacy of prescribed treatments.
  • Drug products should be designed to meet the specific needs of the target patient populations.
  • A patient centric drug product design approach is critical to support optimal therapeutic outcomes for drug products.
  • Roll out of digital technology will support the implementation of a patient centric mindset for drug product design.
  • Case-studies for drug products developed via patient centric drug product design
  • What is high realistic simulation?
  • How we can simulate a clinical trial protocol.
  • Role of patients and professionals in simulation.
  • Return on the investment and return on the engagement

Begoña Nafría Escalera, Coordinator of eYPAGnet, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

  • Integration of the patient perspective into the development process
  • Challenges and strategies for improving study protocols
  • Streamline your clinical trial process to drive enrollment
  • Contributions that advocacy groups can make to clinical trial development
  • The importance of knowing the people, their disease, and its burdens
  • Successful collaborations are a win for all




  • Why diversity and inclusion in clinical trials are crucial?
  • Understanding critical barriers to minority and underserved patient communities participation in clinical trials
  • Equity and Inclusion of Rare Disease Patients – A Must on Many Levels
  • What can the industry do to promote more diversity in the future?
  • Latest guidelines that make healthcare more inclusive



  • The AstraZeneca Global Patient Engagement Team has worked across the development lifecycle to embed patient-driven solutions resolving common development challenges. We will discuss how we uplifted the capabilities of our evidence teams to engage patients across the development continuum and will present examples showing what we do to impact study planning, recruitment and conduct, leading to tangible results for better patient outcomes.

Marie Eckerd, Global Patient Engagement Director R&I, BioPharmaceuticals Medical, AstraZeneca

  • Limited research into the impact of patient involvement in HTA
  • The work is a huge undertaking for PAGS especially smaller ones
  • The impact of involvement on the organisation and individual
  • Solutions and sustainable future for PAG involvement

Lindsay Birrell, Co- CEO, Realise Advocacy, Chair of trustees, Medics 4 Rare Diseases
Josie Godfrey, Director, JG Zebra Consulting, Co-Founder and CEO, Realise Advocacy

  • Patient engagement activities incorporating robust and meaningful patient engagement experiences to inform regulatory work
  • Considerations in patient engagement
  • Resources to help engage with regulatory agencies
  • The importance of data democratization
  • Common challenges in clinical data review that hinders clinical trials
  • Strategies in overcoming these challenges
  • How to seamlessly integrate data from a variety of sources?
  • How to improve safety review efficiencies and reduce the timeline to critical studies?
  • Understanding complexities and addressing challenges faced by the industry in setting up end-to end supply chain for cell and gene therapies
  • Best practices and lessons learned that guarantees effective manufacturing and delivery of CGTs to the patients who needs them the most
  • Robust technologies and innovative platforms that connects therapies with patients both in clinical and commercial scale
  • What are logistical and financial challenges which increasingly impact all clinical trial stakeholders
  • Tailored approaches to travel services for the patients
  • Direct-to-patient
  • Innovative reimbursement programmes
  • How to ensure patient safety and reliability

This presentation will highlight how companies can advance health equity through people- and patient- centered frameworks. Learning objectives include:

  • Specific domains of action for addressing health equity through people and patient engagement;
  • Success measures of efforts to advance health equity

Anna Lawrence-Jones, Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Lead, IGHI

  • Different interpretations of decision making across stakeholders
  • Value on patient outcomes and engagement (case studies)
  • Introduce the working model of decision making.
  • Putting the patient first achieves the best experience and outcome for that person and their family
  • Improve communication from staff shift-changes in a hospital to getting the patient discharged faster
  • Setting expectations soon
  • Updating goals and outcomes; timely

Amy Darlington, Executive Director, Imperial College Health Partners

  • Recognising key areas to ensure patients’ experiences, perspectives, needs, and priorities are captured and meaningfully incorporated into drug development and evaluation.
  • Patient’s input to improve quality, relevance, safety and efficacy of drug development
  • Challenges and opportunities for patient-centric product design
  • The role of respective stakeholders and the way they interact, from the early steps of drug development to access in real life?
  • Understanding the drivers for innovation in pharma
  • Partnering with patients and placing patient well-being at the core of all initiatives
  • Real-world data and patient-reported outcomes presents the power and the potential to redesign healthcare
  • Innovative approaches for direct-to-patient assume significant importance for driving patient-centricity
  • Technologies that enhance the patient-centricity in pharma

Event sponsors

 Patient Centricity & Collaboration World Congress 2024 Europe 

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what people say

Thank you for a good experience with the PARADIGM Global Events… very high level, very good Organization, we overpassed our expectatives, we will be pending for another congress related to pharmaceutical and biotech… we learned a lot, and i think that the content of agenda was state of the art, thank you again.
Salvador Berrios
ERP/ CRM / Product Configurator Manager
The consistently high quality of international faculty was most impressive. It was also obvious that they were carefully chosen not only for their particular expertise but also for their ability to communicate the subject matter to clinical and non-clinical participants alike. As market access consultant for pharma clients of various sizes, I now feel much better prepared to explain the nuances & dynamics involved in bringing their products to market. In addition, I am in a much better position to intelligently advice my clients & help them set realistic expectations
Thomas Martin
Associate Vice President, VCGA - Quintiles
I was impressed with the organization of this event. I attend many conferences per year and find the organizers on site to be detached and not focus on good service to the delegates. This team was even providing weather forecast warning to ensure everyone was aware and made appropriate plans. Well Done.
Adriana E. Manzi
PhD, Managing Director, Atheln, Inc

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