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Day 1


Patient-centric initiatives across the end-to-end value chain

Hilton London Kensington, London, UK

Day 1 - Thursday 1st June 2023


  • Regulations that enables to bring new treatments to patients faster
  • Data infrastructure to make clinical-trial design and delivery more efficient and effective
  • Platforms that facilitate patient enrolment and retention
  • New commercial models to foster discovery of new treatments.
  • Empowered patient
  • Ingredients for moving from vision to implementation:
  • Bringing the organization along
  • The role of the Organizational model
  • Enablers to make PE a reality
  • Prioritising and appreciating the patients’ emotional and mental wellbeing when included in engagement activities
  • Taking time to understand the many factors to be considered when seeking participation and developing added value
    initiatives for those affected by a rare disease
  • Enabling patient and caregiver participation in all patient activities, at all stages of development – from consultation to cocreation
  • Impact of these new innovations on patients and caregivers
  • What difference do these recent innovations have made to their lives?
  • What must be done to accelerate innovations and broaden access at the same time?
  • Benefits of using data to engage patients and improve the trial experience
  • Enlisting partners who understand when and where data, analytics, and industry expertise can make their trials more
    engaging and accessible to the patients they are trying to recruit
  • Lessons learned in future-proofing patient-driven data
  • Doctors should empower patients during the diagnosis
  • The power of a patient-centric diagnosis
  • Empowered patients are active participants in their healthcare
  • Empowered patients drive innovation that helps them and future patients
  • Why diversity and inclusion matter in clinical trial research?
  • Addressing societal problem of healthcare disparities
  • Strategies that research teams can adopt to improve the diversity, equity and inclusion
  • What can the industry do to promote more diversity in the future?
  • Latest guidelines that make healthcare more inclusive



  • Harnessing the power of multi-stakeholder collaboration to
    make a scientifically informed recommendation
  • Lessons learned that could benefit the patients
  • Proposed interventions in helping patients to engage
  • Finding common shared ground between groups and build
    tailored programs within lifecycle activities
  • How can the foundational elements of patient-centred care be embedded in the care culture?
  • Effectively setting a common goal to set expectations on both sides
  • Why evaluate partnerships
  • Evaluation steps
  • What to evaluate? Possible metrics
  • What methods can be used
  • Putting it into practice
  • Patients involvement in health care decision making
  • Practical examples to demonstrate approaches to better
    engage patients in their health
  • Evidence needed to understand patients’ experiences of
    the engagement process and whether these outcomes
    translate into improved access
  • Recognising the gaps in our approach
  • Shifting the patient voice from passive to active
  • Listen to the Patient needs and help them to understand
    what the focus of the trial is.
  • Understanding Pharmaceutical costs of trials and research
  • Understand one patient’s healthcare journey.
  • Gain insights into how patients work best with industry.
  • Understand what the patient is looking for and why it’s
  • Discuss best practices for enhanced collaboration in the


  • Integration of the patient perspective into the development
  • Patient-based evidence that improves the alignment of
    development activities with the needs of patients
  • Key opportunities and challenges when working virtually
  • Top tips for effective virtual patient and public involvement
  • End-to-end digital technologies enabling real-time access to
    data flows and insights.
  • The future: the value of continuing working virtually
  • Innovative trial technologies for decentralised clinical trials
  • Best strategies to address common pitfalls and challenges
  • Considerations to optimise patients clinical trial experience
  • Review existing regulatory and ethical tenets of research
    and how they must be incorporated into standard practices
    when implementing decentralization.
  • Educating and empowering the trilogy of research –
    sponsors, ethical review boards and the research site to
    fulfill the mission of decentralization.
  • Explore and partner with existing health care solutions to
    enable established programmes
  • Collaborate with shareholders to provide innovative DCT
    strategies to all research sites.
  • Innovative trial technologies for decentralised clinical trials
  • Best strategies to address common pitfalls and challenges
  • Considerations to optimise patients clinical trial experience
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